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3-day House of Worship Safety Team Member Certification Course

Course # HWST.0220.1
(24-hour Course)

Pre-requisite: The 2-day Illinois Concealed Carry Handgun License Certification Course and 3-day Defensive Handgun Certification Course or firearms training course of equivalent level.

*This is a fast paced, physically demanding training course! Safety Team candidates should be in good physical condition, familiar with their equipment and have solid intermediate to advanced gun-handling skills established prior to attending this training course.*

"Of the active shooter incidents in the U.S. studied by the FBI; 50% of these incidents occurred in Places of Worship on a Sunday."

Six of the active shooter incidents in Places of Worship studied, resulted in 21 people killed and 27 wounded. The ages of the shooters ranged from 24 to 69.

(Source: FBI Report; “Study of Active Shooter Incidents between 2000 and 2013.”)

Course Description: This 3-day / 24-hour training program will focus on preparing individuals that are screened and selected by their respective House of Worship for the safety of their congregants, staff and clergy.

People that choose to work as volunteer staff at their House of Worship have little to no experience when it comes to safety and security in keeping their congregation safe.

Traditional volunteer staff are accustomed to being friendly, while assisting & directing congregants, shaking hands and passing offering collection baskets.

However, today’s troubled times have greeters, ushers, deacons, ministers, teachers and pastors all sharing responsibility in the safety and well being of their congregation.

Potential situations where safety team member intervention may be required, include; interacting with rude vagrants, intoxicated subjects and emotionally disturbed people that are interrupting services, to dealing with an active shooter incident.

To prepare safety team members for these situations, the following topics will be covered in this training program:

  • Color Codes of Awareness, Principals of Personal Defense and combat mindset orientation.

  • Situational awareness and recognizing suspicious behavior.

  • Tactical positioning of safety team members to monitor points of access and egress before and during services.

  • Monitoring the congregation and over-watch during services.
  • Approaching and interacting with inebriated people, unwanted vagrants, emotionally disturbed persons and suspicious individuals.
  • Verbal conflict resolution through de-escalation.
  • Escorting subjects that are interrupting services away from the service area.
  • Immediate Action / Direct to Threat tactics and techniques for engaging active shooters.
  • Developing a 911 emergency services communication protocol.
  • Developing an in-house Emergency Medical Action Plan.
  • Developing a Rescue Task Force post-incident action plan.
  • Firearms safety and safe gun-handling review.
  • Lawful use of deadly force for personal defense and defense of others.
  • Review of shooting fundamentals.

  • The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip.

  • Methodology of combat shooting the pistol.

  • Refining presentation of the pistol from concealment.

  • Refining presentation of the pistol from ready pistol.

  • Presentation of the pistol from position SUL.
  • Mastering Sight Gear 1 - Precision sight alignment for surgical shot application.
  • Mastering Sight Gear 2 - The Flash Sight Picture.
  • Mastering Sight Gear 3 - Front Sight Proximity shooting.
  • Defensive gun-handling skills development.
  • Combat gun-handling skills development.
  • Mastering Roll Thru the Link trigger press methodology.
  • Balancing speed and accuracy.
  • Tactical speed shooting concepts.
  • Reducing stimulus / response time.
  • Multi-shot progressive shooting drills.
  • Controlled multi-shot rhythm drill applications.
  • Moving off the line of force and lateral displacement.

  • Threat assessment and area scanning.

  • Dominating the weapon, threat and visual areas.

  • Engaging threats while advancing and withdrawing.
  • Engaging threats during continuous movement.
  • Engaging threats while negotiating obstacles.
  • Ammunition management and reloading techniques.

  • Malfunction clearance drills.

  • Multiple threat engagement strategies.

  • Drugged assailant and body armor defeating drills.

  • Threat discrimination and shoot / don't shoot decision making processing.

  • Weapon retention and disparity of force issues.

  • Concealed carry tactics, garments, holsters, personal defense weapon selection and personal defense ammunition.

  • Effects of handgun projectiles on body armor, kinetic energy transfer and back-face signature.

  • Timed Concealed Carry Combat Handgun Qualification Course with certified marksmanship rating.

Course duration: 3 days (24 hours)

Course tuition: $ 525.00

(Tuition fee includes range fee and all training materials)

Course student limit: 16

Student requirements: Note pad & pen, eye protection, ear protection, baseball type cap, concealment garment (church jacket or blazer), heavy-duty leather or nylon pants belt, reliable concealment holster, magazine carriers, major caliber personal defense handgun (9mm or larger) with at least (4) hi-capacity magazines or (6) single stack magazines (10 round minimum), handgun cleaning kit and gun oil / CLP.

Recommended equipment: Rain gear, sunscreen, insect repellent, hydration system and water. (For outdoor courses)


Ammunition requirements: 1000 rounds (minimum)

(Ammunition is available for purchase upon request)



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