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Spartan Tactical Training Group – Professional firearms training programs for armed professionals, personal protection and home defense applications.
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Illinois Concealed Carry Handgun License Certification Course

Course # ICCL.0130.4-16H (16-hour program)

Course # ICCL.0131.1-8H (8-hour program)


This curriculum is approved by the Illinois State Police and has been assigned Curriculum Approval ID # CCC13A0983

Spartan Tactical - Where responsible gun owners that are serious about learning how to use a firearm for personal defense come to train.

"The most comprehensive Concealed Carry Handgun License Certification Course available in Illinois!"

Post-Incident Legal Defense Support: Training curriculum materials; lesson plan, course itinerary, syllabus with SPO’s, student performance records, instructor certification credentials and list of supporting reference materials are available for post-incident legal defense depositions and legal defense litigation discovery.

This program will be presented by ISP approved, ILETSB certified Master Firearms Instructors, which is the highest certified rating an instructor can hold in the State of Illinois.

The lead instructors for this program are nationally recognized, distinguished training experts, with real world experience in the use of deadly force, from actual personal defense incidents!

No other training group in Illinois comes close to offering the unique diverse instructor background or experience our instructors have to offer for this program! Learn from the guys that have been there, done it, and are willing to show you how to survive a deadly force confrontation and the civil litigation battle that follows!

View our Instructor's Professional Vitas, and learn why Spartan Tactical is rated the # 1 firearms training group in Illinois and the Midwest (Rating source via Police Technical / Training Reports) and has a 5-star review rating on Facebook, Google Business and Yelp.

If you want to learn how to use a handgun for personal defense, learn from professional trainers that specialize in the lawful use of firearms for personal defense.

Our goal is to help each student become a responsible gun owner that is competent in the judicious use of force for personal defense and prepare you on how to stay alive and win the fight!

Get it right the first time and come join us at one of our classes for the ultimate personal defense training experience!

Course Description: This comprehensive 2-day firearms training course will focus on meeting the Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm License training standards that are mandated in the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act.

This course will provide students with formal information and training on firearms safety, nomenclature, operation, fundamental gun-handling skills and use of force laws covering self-defense & personal defense applications.

This hands-on firearms training class will develop the student's skill-sets through dry-practice techniques, live-fire drills, fundamental diagnostics and structured training sessions that prepares students for use of the handgun for personal defense applications.

Upon completion of this course, the student will possess the fundamental skills necessary to participate in the: 1-Day Defensive Pistol Skills Course.

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

  • Safe gun-handling and basic firearms safety rules.

  • Nomenclature of the semi-automatic pistol.

  • Nomenclature of the revolver.
  • Disassembly / re-assembly of the semi-automatic pistol.

  • Mechanical operation of the semi-automatic pistol.

  • Fundamentals of shooting. 

  • The natural action stance and thumbs forward grip.

  • Mastering Sight Gear 1 - perfect sight alignment.
  • Basic marksmanship and target analysis.
  • Basic gun-handling skills.

  • Presentation from high ready pistol
  • Presentation from the holster.

  • Presentation from concealment.
  • Thumb check application during re-holstering.                     

  • Loading / unloading and press checking.

  • Performing emergency reloads and tactical reloads.

  • Malfunction clearance drills - Class 1 and Class 2.

  • Methodology of shooting the semi-automatic pistol.

  • Dry-practice program and dry-practice skill building drills.
  • Fundamental diagnostics and correcting fundamental errors.
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning.

  • Awareness of exposure to toxic metals and solvents.

  • Ammunition identification / selection for personal defense.
  • Lawful use of force for personal defense and home defense.
  • Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act law per 430 ILCS 66/1.
  • FOID act law per 430 ILCS 65.
  • Firearm transport rules and law.
  • Firearm storage in the home, vehicle and public storage.
  • Interaction with law enforcement officers while transporting or carrying a concealed firearm.
  • Interaction with law enforcement after using justified deadly force.
  • Explanation of what training records will be kept on file to support you in civil and / or criminal litigation subpoena.
  • Expert witness personal defense strategies.
  • Use of force options, situational awareness, verbal direction, contact de-escalation and conflict resolution strategies.
  • Identifying areas where CCW is prohibited.
  • Parking lot exemption rules.
  • Personal defense liability insurance considerations.
  • Standard drill weapon manipulation evaluation.

  • Illinois Concealed Carry License live-fire qualification course.
  • Qualification will be limited to 2 attempts per class.
  • Students must be 21 and possess a valid FOID card.

Course duration: 2-days (16-hours) 0800 - 1800 each day
                          1-day (8-hours)

Course tuition: 16-hour program - $ 250.00

                        8-hour program - $ 150.00

Tuition fee includes: All Range fees, all loaner firearms & equipment, laminated dry-practice target, laminated dry-practice rules handout, Illinois Gun Laws handout, FOID Act handout, Illinois CCW general information handout and student course manual.

Course student limit: 14 (Private group sessions available)

Student equipment requirements needed for class:

  • Eye protection, ear protection and baseball type cap.
  • Heavy-duty leather or nylon pants belt.
  • Outside waist band holster - belt loop or paddle.
  • Magazine carriers / pouch for at least (2) magazines - belt loop or paddle is acceptable.
  • Semi-automatic pistol with at least 3 magazines.
  • Concealment garment - button up / zip up jacket, shirt or vest is acceptable.
  • Handgun cleaning kit with appropriate materials and accessories for the caliber of your handgun.
  • 200 rounds of factory new ammunition. (16-hour program)
  • 150 rounds of factory new ammunition. (8-hour program)
    (Ammunition is available for purchase upon request.)

Equipment specifications for class:

  • Handgun must be of major caliber - at least 9mm or larger.
  • Handgun must be from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Unreliable / unsafe handguns will not be allowed in class.
  • Students intending to use personally owned handguns in class will be required to have that handgun APPROVED for training PRIOR to attending class.
  • If your handgun does not meet our training requirements, we will provide a loaner handgun for you to use at no extra cost.
  • If you do not own a handgun, we will provide a loaner handgun for you to use at no additional cost.
  • No inside-the-pants holsters, shoulder holsters, cross-draw holsters, fanny packs or ankle holsters will be allowed in class!
  • Pistol Mounted Optic / Red Dot Sight handguns are allowed in this course.
  • This course will be limited to Personal Defense handguns that are designed to be carried for personal protection.
  • Competition pistols will not be allowed in this course.
  • Contact us directly if you have any questions about the eligibility of the handgun you would like to use in this course.

Spartan Tactical can provide students with loaner handguns, magazines, holsters and magazine carriers upon request.

Loaner handguns available for student use:

  • Glock 17 Gen 3 and Gen 4 (9mm)
  • Glock 19 Gen 3 and Gen 4 (9mm)

Illinois Concealed Carry Information Resources:


For more information, contact us at (708) 990-4367.














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Wounded Warrior Project is a military/veterans charity organization empowering injured veterans and their families. Find out how you can support a warrior Spartan Tactical is dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare law enforcement officers, armed professionals and civilians to survive and win deadly force confrontations. Spartan Tactical is dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare law enforcement officers, armed professionals and civilians to survive and win deadly force confrontations.Our mission at Spartan Tactical is dedicated to presenting professional training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare armed professionals to survive and win deadly force confrontations.

Our training programs focus on developing combat mind-set, tactical aptitude and a reflexive conditioned response when the use of deadly force in self defense is necessary. Founded in 1984, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is dedicated to honoring and remembering the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers in the United States. Spartan Tactical is dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare law enforcement officers, armed professionals and civilians to survive and win deadly force confrontations.

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