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2-day Rescue Task Force Response to Active Shooter Incidents Course

Course # RTFR.0951.1


Certified by the Illinois Department of Health

(Approved for up to 8-hours of continuing education credits)

Site Code # 0859-30E-09177

Michigan MCOLES Approved Course

(Approved by the Michigan Commission on LE Standards)

*This is a DUAL certificate training course. Students that successfully complete this course will also receive a training certificate for completing the Stop the Bleed Training Standards.*

Course Description: This 2-day training course focuses on providing Fire Department and EMS personnel with the skills and knowledge of how to interact with law enforcement elements and operate effectively when inserted into the "warm zone" at an active shooter or critical incident event.

Mass shooting events across the country have repeatedly shown that many victims are dying due to unnecessary delays in receiving simple but life-saving medical treatment. Standard mass casualty incident (MCI) practices often conflict with what is best for victims who need immediate treatment.

Recent incidents have redefined how Fire / EMS and Police units must operate together at the onset of a critical incident, in order to maximize survivability for critically injured patients.

A new paradigm has developed in the way Fire and EMS personnel operate at these critical incidents – the Rescue Task Force model. This model inserts medical personnel into the “warm zone”, under Police protection, to render care at a time much earlier in the incident than previously practiced by EMS.

Students will be exposed to Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) techniques for trauma injuries, developed for and proven by the US military. Attendees will learn how to fuse battlefield and tactical medicine concepts into their current trauma injury care practices. Hands on learning stations, tactical movement orientation with LE counterparts and practical interactive training scenarios will help integrate new concepts and treatment techniques.

The following topics will be covered:

  • History and review of active shooter events.

  • Case studies and lessons learned from recent incidents.

  • Mental conditioning and survival mindset.

  • Introduction to the Rescue Task Force (RTF) model.

  • Integrating Police and EMS operations at active shooter events.

  • Understanding zones of operation – cold, warm and hot.

  • Introduction to tactical movement with Police through a warm zone.

  • Triaging and treating in the warm zone.

  • Establishing Casualty Collection Points (CCP) vs traditional triage sectors.

  • Patient movement and carry techniques during warm zone egress.

  • Ballistics and gunshot injuries.

  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC).

  • Applying tactical medicine concepts to current EMS practices.

  • Proper application of pressure dressings – Olaes and Israeli dressings.

  • Proper application of tourniquets – CAT, SWAT-T, SOF-T.

  • Hemostatic dressings and wound packing.

  • Chest seals and treatment of pneumothorax.

  • Equipment and response bag considerations.

  • Developing mass casualty IFAKS for warm zone operators.

Course duration: 2 days (16 hours) 0800 - 1700 each day

Course tuition: $ 300.00 (Course only) or $ 395.00 with student issued Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) included.

Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) includes:

  • CAT Tourniquet
  • HyFin Vent Chest Seal kit for entry and exit wounds.
  • 4" Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD)
  • H&H compressed wound packing gauze.
  • 2" roll of heavy duty medical tape.
  • Plano re-sealable plastic IFAK bag.
  • (1) pair of medical rubber gloves.
  • EMT cloth cutting shears.
  • All primary IFAK components are NSN registered parts.
  • $ 100.00 kit retail value!!

Course student limit: 20

Student requirements: Notepad and pen, comfortable clothing suitable for hands-on training.

Recommended personal equipment: Trauma bags and equipment currently in use by your department or that you would be using at an active shooter event, department issued RTF body armor, clear eye protection and work gloves for practical evolutions.












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